1010 Taxis is the largest private hire company in the Swinton and Pendlebury area. We are a company you can trust with every vehicle put through a thorough examination and all drivers are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.

Our success is down to a number of factors. We strive to provide a professional, prompt service coupled with a friendly approach. Our experienced call centre staff pride themselves in ensuring that every call is handled swiftly and always retaining the personal service which we are renowned for.

Our call centre is fully computerised with the newest high tech system. We have invested in the state of the art GPS systems. This allows our call centre to locate and dispatch the best vehicle for every job, ensuring improved service times.

We are also the only fully metered private hire firm in the Salford area. When you get into a 1010 Taxi you pay the correct fare every time. We pride ourselves in offering a fair system. This ensures that account customers, residents, visitors and business customers are all charged the correct fare, no matter whom they are or where they are travelling.

Other important features of our services include:

  • Call Back – See Taxi Services for more information
  • E-booking – allowing customers to book their own taxi through a secure website. See Taxi Services for more information
  • Elite fleet of Hackney Taxis. Allowing the customer to book a hackney taxi via our specialised call centre
  • Travel vouchers – We accept Travel Vouchers (GMPTE), ask any of our call centre staff
  • Account Services– See Taxi Services for more information
  • Accessible vehicles – Click here for more information