1010 Taxis vision is to ensure our community equality within our part of the transport sector. We were privileged to be asked to join a local group called Access All Areas. This group is made up of a mix of ages, genders and disabilities and it was the group member’s sheer determination and zest for life, which has driven us as a company to work closely with the community on making sure accessible vehicles are available.

Below is a testimonial from one of the group members:

“We have benefited from the support of 1010 after they made contact with us when we wrote to all taxi companies in Salford following our work on the issues all disabled people have when using private hire or black cabs.

They have attended the meetings and become involved with us by listening to our issues and making changes with their business to meet the needs of their customers with disabilities.

They make sure their drivers strap people into their vehicles NOT relying on the brakes of wheelchairs which often happens

They have bought a new computer system that makes sure disabled people are safe when going out

This makes all the difference in the world as often many of us can go out but have no way of coming back so we stay in – very bored & lonely.

We have welcomed 1010 because they listen to us and do something about it rather than just do nothing. We are part of a bigger world of disabled people and what we want as a group is to make sure that difference isn’t seen in a bad way. We are all different in our group but when we get together we are equal

We can rely on all the members to support each other and we class 1010 as people first and foremost.

We are sure they have learnt a lot from us and have made changes because it makes good business sense and it makes a difference to people’s lives.

Thank you”

Access All Areas

Should you require any further information regarding accessible vehicles please fill out our contact form.